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Opinion Outpost is one of the many online survey companies currently mushrooming on the Internet.

I have tried taking their surveys for which their offer 20 points (75$ or 50£) for a 20 minutes survey but the only issue was that these survey are not regular and you have to keep updating your profile to get some.

Unfortunately, I got my membership cancelled without any explanation. However, the coincidence was that I took a 40 minutes which would pay  60 points till the end, but on pressing the last “submit” button, I was met with a message “sorry there was a technical problem…”. I contacted the helpdesk asking them to credit my account with 60 points because I have spent nearly an hour completing the survey without a problem. They apologise and credited me with the 60 points. But to my surprise, the next day, when I tried to access my account to check what happened, I was met with another message reading: “Your account has been terminated”. I contacted them again; only to be told that they have terminated it and any credit in my account was lost in accordance with their T&Cs.

I tried again to get a reason why they decided to terminate my account and understand which terms and conditions I violated but there was a dead silence till now. I simply concluded that they were not happy with my claim about the above issue which was probably caused by themselves and which likely happened to many who have taken this particular 40 minutes survey.

It has to be said that these surveys can be an interesting way of making some petty cash online, but the companies who run them being commissioned by Market Intelligence companies, do not always play a fair game.


Posted December 26, 2011 by kavira82 in Reviews

5 responses to “Opinion Outpost Review

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  1. I am on my way to registering, after a few questions the page was supposed to change in 10 seconds andget me to a survey, it didn’t change after a long time I closed it .

  2. I have been a member of opinion outpost for a while now and everything had been going good until the other day. I have been an active member and have cashed in a little over 80 dollars to my paypal account. I got enough points to redeem again, (115 points), and tried to send it to paypal and I got a response back that my membership has been terminated due to a violation of their Terms and Conditions agreement. I sent a reply back to their helpdesk asking why and they contacted me back and said they see that I have been terminated but can’t explain why at this time and they will get back to me. Well, a couple of days go by and the next thing I know, they are sending me a new survey to take. With out any notification or reason, my membership is back in order but the 115 points($11.50) that I had earned is now gone. In their T&C agreement, they do say that they have the right to cancel any membership at any time without any reason. Just think, if they do what they did to me to 100,000 people, look how much money they will get. It should be against the law some how, but, you do agree to their T&C when you sign up. Use caution when signing up for things. Read the RULES! Thanks, Ed.

    • Many thanks for your comments, Norman. I think this should serve as a warning to others as these companies set their terms and conditions for their own interest to protect themselves and make money. Kind regards. K Molo

    • Re: This is Edward again, I feel obligated to report that Opinion Outpost took care of the problem and restored the points to my account and apologized for the glitch in the system. Maybe they aren’t so bad after all. I have made money from them. Thanks, Ed.

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