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Businesses are spending huge sums of money to collect useful Market Intelligence(MI) in order to streamline their products and services to accommodate  customers’ need and personal preferences by targeting specific niches of the population. This harrowing quest for precious customers insights  has triggered a tremendous rise in Market Research companies whose tasks are exactly that of channelling businesses quest for customer need  into the population through online, ordinary mail, phone interviews or even focus groups, to try to understand what specific groups think, need, prefer, react or even feel.

So now let’s come back to earth…I mean, facts. Here I will talk about my own exercise, call it experience if you will. I already take free surveys, however, I was curious to understand why some companies want to sell access to surveys when market research companies actually need people’s feedback and are even begging people for their opinion – at the end of the day, it is them who need our opinion, not the opposite – thus give surveys free of charge?

My curiosity took me to he above company. They have an eye-catching website but as you may understand from other online commentators such as, it is most the times just too good to be true; they begin the whole thing by bombarding you with the idea that you can make thousands of dollars per month, take surveys starting from $5-75 dollars and that depending on the effort you put in, you may make hundreds of dollars a week. This simply does not exist yet; truth is that you can only make about $20/30  a week if you are really hard-working.

They charge a one-off membership fee of 34 dollars to their so-called database which they say is updated regularly with high paying surveys. Although, the whole thing seem too good to be true, I still wanted to pay the 34 dollars to get to end of the tunnel and see by myself what the fuss they are making. Unfortunately, even Paypal would not accept to pay them, saying they do not have a credible certificate for online transactions! Big warning sign!!! But I decided to soldier on twice, third time, same warning, Paypal will not budge! I dropped the whole affair, next one…

Oh, here I am, this looks more like it, same pattern: Surveys, rewards, prize, cash, focus group, mystery shopper and you name it! Great, finally, this is what I was after, got it! Unfortunately, I was not impressed by the website which was a bit simple, but, never mind, at least no too good to be true as with Paid Surveys.

Same fees but got a better deal 17 dollars, around 11 pounds, fine. Asked Paypal, no problem, payment accepted! Now the time for serious business. I got what they promised – access to the so-called database which was simply a list of about 20 miscellaneous companies, the majority of which are casinos, bingos, lottery syndicates, travel agencies which are actually asking a cash deposit going from $10 – 200 to earn $50 – 75 c, a sort of money buying money thing. The other disappointing thing was that many would-be high paying surveys links were simply nonexistent, broken.

The interesting thing you need to know with regards to the promised high paying surveys is that they do not offer them. They simply relate or link to the already known free surveys companies on the internet which answers the question WHY ARE THEY CHARGING people? You already know why, I have already tried it for you to know.

Last advice is that if you pay these companies for access their so-called surveys database, do not expect to claim your money back  – not only that you will not get your money back if not satisfied, you will not even be able to write to their so-called contact email :

So friends beware of online predators but there are some good survey companies out there, it is just a matter of doing some good online research although many will ask astronomic number of points before you get a reward.


Posted August 1, 2011 by kavira82 in Reviews

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  1. Many thanks for the advice of survey databases. I was interested into getting paid for surveys and I will certainly not be paying out any money to these scam sites. Thanks for the help.

  2. hi??

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