Myplaceforhosting: Scam or Genuine   2 comments

While the Internet nowadays is offering fantastic opportunities for businesses to flourish, it has to be said that it can also be a place for lots of disappointments and one has to use proper judgement and do some routine research before committing.

I have been approached by this internet company called Myplaforhosting offering to set up an affiliate marketing website and hosting service for only $100. The person – I prefer not to mention his name – said they will connect my site to Sony and affiliate scheme which would generate a lot of revenue for me in less time. He asked if I had a credit card because the website was going to be up and running in the next couple of minutes. I started off by the normal questioning process of making an investigation first before deciding whether it was the right thing to do. My surprised was that he did not want me to continue with my argument and kept on pressing forward that I did not need to do this otherwise the Internet was not the right place for me. When I said to him that before committing myself, I would like to check this with Sonny and Amazon first if Myplaceforhosting was genuinely part of their affiliate programme, he was suddenly very aggressive saying that I do not need this. From this point I decided to thank him for his time.

A couple of days later in the same week, I received another call from the same people; this time a woman who wanted to convince me about the same programme. I quickly recognised that it was part of the same strategy, I replied that I already received a call earlier in the week from one of their colleagues whose name I gave to her, explaining to her that he did not want to be challenged and was aggressive towards me for asking questions. She apologised but ended up pressing on the same topic with a smooth and feminine touch this time round. I said to her it was a good idea but affiliate programme is no secret and you would not want to go through a third party to sell Sony or Amazon products.  At this point she strangely put me on hold for 30 seconds and escalated the call to someone else, who she suggested was higher.

This last person explained the same thing over again in a more detail, saying that they are a web hosting company called “Myplaceforhosting”. He led me around the website and then to an audio presentation of the programme through the website and even showing a prototype of website which has already subscribed. At the end of all of this I admired the programme. He came back nailing down what I heard on the audio : They would set up a website for me, connect it to an affiliate programme, host it for one year all for the price of $100 or 62 UK pounds.

Again, my question was why should people not directly contact Sony and Amazon for their affiliate programme instead of going through them? He at least accepted this was true but that they would do more in paying me a $100 commission each time someone else subscribed to the programme through my site. Then he pressed me to pay immediately, not wait in order to take advantage of the offer. I said to him to give me some time to think about it. At this point he suddenly asked to put me on hold for a moment. After about 45 seconds, he came back and insisted again asking me what was dragging me back to take this offer straightaway; I said to him if he were me, he would have reacted in the same way. He insisted whether it was a financial issue or else, I said I was not ready, that I wanted to think about it and if it is right for me I will come back. At this point he gave me some phone numbers(888 23000460 – 2303 or  customer support: 888234019) to call when I am ready.

My take on this is that Myplaceforhosting looks like a genuine free web design companies like WordPress, Google blogpost or others; however, putting too much emphasis on credit card and a decision straightaway, does not at all make it look genuine although there might be some truth in it. Please use your own judgement when approached by online marketers.


Posted July 13, 2011 by kavira82 in Reviews

2 responses to “Myplaceforhosting: Scam or Genuine

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    • Thanks for your comment Marvin; I take no offense about it; just wanted to give my version of account so people take informed decisions when this happens.

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